Phoenix and SmartMouse

Phoenix interface


SmartMouseB - version ""
SmartMouseB - version ""


It is a simple variant of SmartMouse which can be used as Phoenix interface. This SimplePhoenix together with StupidPipo and Jupiter Card programmer is able to program Gold Wafer Cards, Jupiter Cards and Fun Cards.

simplephoenix.bmp -  PCB of SimplePhoenix
simplephoenixo.bmp - layout of components
simplephoenixs.bmp - schematic diagram

This interface require a separate power supply (9 - 30V). Connection with the PC serial port is made by cable 1-1, 9pin connectors, male-female.

List of components
2 x capacitor 22pF
1 x capacitor 47pF
3 x capacitor 100nF
5 x capacitor 4,7uF/16V (1uF-22uF/16-63V)
2 x resistor 1K0
1 x resistor 2K2
1 x resistor 10K
2 x resistor 1M0
1 x 1N4148
1 x BAT41 or BAT48, Shottky!!
2 x green LED,  3mm "Low Power"
1 x 74HC00
1 x MAX 232
1 x 78L05
1 x female 9pin connector RS232
1 x slot for ISO card (eight pins are enough)
1 x crystal 3.579545 MHz